What It Is

Most people associate blogging with creating an online journal, however, corporate blogs can be used for promotional and marketing purposes as well.

Having an external blog enhances website views, creates credibility for your business, and keeps customers connected to you.

How It Helps You

Blogs are comprised of posts that can be added or updated at anytime. Posts can also be interactive, giving your clients a way to leave comments, share your posts, and endorse your brand. Endorsement from returning customers helps potential customers see your business as trustworthy.

Blog posts can include industry news (either from your company or from other sources online), engaging business updates, links to other websites that promote your services or products, and more.

Posting compelling content not only attracts clients to your blog, but also encourages clients to comment and share your posts with others through social media and other online outlets.

Creating an effective blog online helps you…

  • Market your business to current and potential clients

  • Engage web visitors

  • Encourage web visitors to return regularly

  • Create brand and service awareness

  • Build credibility for the company

How We Do It

Sunpoint Web Design collaborates with your business to create and maintain a blog that works as a marketing platform.

Our marketing specialists design the blog to promote your business and services, while providing compelling content for the reader.

Optimizing the blog by linking it to industry authorities online using keywords, our marketers drive traffic to your blog, and in turn, to your website.

We create and frequently update a blog that builds your credibility, increases your online audience of current and potential customers, and expands your business.

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