Facebook Advertising


What It Is

With over one billion active monthly users, Facebook is ranked one of the largest social media websites in the world. It may seem outrageous for a small business to target such a large number of people, but Facebook offers a low-cost opportunity to build a powerful presence.

With targeted local area pages and searches on Facebook, your business can connect, engage and market to current and potential customers in your area.

How It Helps You

If your business does not have a Facebook page, you should get started right away.

Creating a Facebook page for your business allows you to connect with customers, provide specials and content to engage potential customers, and market to thousands of customers in your area.

Running hyper-local ads on Facebook also drives traffic to your Facebook page and your business, allowing you to track your advertising success.

Properly executed Facebook advertising will help you…

  • Reach thousands of potential new customers in your area

  • Stay connected to your current clients

  • Instantly post company news, promotions, contests and events

  • Generate traffic to your website

  • Create brand and product or service awareness

How We Do It

Whether your company needs a new Facebook page or needs help maintaining a neglected one, our social media marketing team is up for the task. We can work to grow the number of your “fans,” as well as keep current “fans” updated with company news. Our experienced marketing team can craft company status updates designed to engage your clients in conversation with each other and your company.

We will design a customized Facebook page with original content that is sure to grab the attention of potential customers.

By frequently and consistently updating your Facebook page, posting compelling content, and growing your social media audience of “fans,” Sunpoint Web Design can help you create a successful Facebook advertising campaign.

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